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Please scroll down and check out my children’s book, inspirational, non-fiction, home book. And my inspirational love, romance novels. I hope they all inspire you to love deeper, hug longer, and know that God does love you and wants a good you life for you.

In Loving Katie Marie, my newest love, romance story is here! Lilly and Will’s story, in my Snowflakes Series book #5, Carolina Snowflakes #2 that celebrates the uniqueness of each of us, created in the likeness and image of a loving heavenly Father.

Could a spark of love, a spark of courage change the destiny of a broken family? All Lilly Noel ever dreamed of was a passionate, fiery love with a story to tell. All William Gallagher ever wanted was a family and an easy, simple, small town life. Can love find a way through total devastation, betrayal, to recovery and forgiveness as time weaves Lilly, William, and his daughter Katie Marie, together with his bitter past, and the return of a strange woman, who has secrets that could disrupt the path of their lives again? Can the power of love win over their fear, antagonism, and pain; the saga of their love story? Come find out in, In Loving Katie Marie!

I became a Christian as a teenager. I was a Sunday School teacher for small children, taught my own Bible study for adults, and have spoke at women’s groups. I understands the importance of reaching children with the life-saving message of Christ at an early age while in the home.

459B864F Here is my children’s book.

EVERYONE come with Emma Dan as Mom Sarah helps her discover her imagination gift. Take a trip with her through her imagination eyes as she learns to see angels, heaven, our heavenly Father and the world we cannot see. Imagine with Emma as Mom Sarah takes her into creation moments where she sees fish, elephants, and eagles being created. Plus much, much more!

LEARN: Let’s all learn with Emma about the Kingdom of Light. This kingdom has no shadow, darkness, or night. It has morning and evening all day long. In it glorious angels sing praise songs. This place has no sorrow or grief, only love, joy, and lots of peace! Six stories filled with imagery for your child’s growing imagination, ones they will truly remember throughout their lives.

Emma’s Moments will help you introduce God and Jesus to your children. (Paperback only)

Emma’s Moments and Inside Sarah’s Tent work in tandem for a great, Godly blueprint for any home.

5F2F0DD9A handbook of Love

A collection of stories, Bible quotes, and wisdom will help you bring healing, hope, and unity to your home. (paperback and Ebook)

The Snowflakes Series is all about God loving us individually, uniquely, and has a plan for us, to love us, hover over us, and help us create the best life possible with plenty of romance to have a life of love well lived. (In both Ebook and print copy.)

One reviewer said: I never wanted it to end!

the_care_takerebookThe love that started it all.

In The Love of the Caretaker, she never meant to become a roll model of faith for others, she just prayed to have the life God had talented her for. But with one act of painful, selfless love, Molly’s faith changed everything for everybody at The Jake & Jewel Ranch, and created a chain reaction that will sweep you away with tears and pain, heartbreak and joy, love and romance, touching lives at the ranch, and far beyond her, people she might never meet, who became inspired by her journey.

non RGBThe kiss changed it all.

In Journey Into Love, flamboyant tomboy Sandy Iris Wayne had created a life of reclusiveness and safety for the sake of others. It was in her DNA to cause people pain, so she allowed very few into her inner circle. One of them would never be handsome, career centered Sorjen Heist, a man she considered untouchable and intolerable, because the very “look” of him sparked, deep in her heart, memories of another world, betrayal, and bitter memories she dreadfully wants to forget.

She was the strangest woman articulate, handsome, and successful businessman, Sorjen Heist had ever met, from her mannish clothes to her ability to tinker on a tractor. He saw no plausible reason to interact with her, and she certainly could never replace his one, lost true love.

She certainly detested him. He readily dismissed her. Until…

The kiss….

Non RGB 2Will the third time be the charm?

The Love of the Guardian, Snowflakes #3, at the Jake & Jewel Ranch, will truly warm your heart with charm, unrequited love, passion and pain, as long held secrets and hidden desires of the heart light the path to enduring love through the power of faith as Molly’s witness of selfless faith and painful sacrifice inspire Luke and Cindy to forgive, forget, and let love lead them to reaching for the long held love in their hearts for each other.

tolovethin_enemy.usedIf only they could surrender…

In To Love Thine Enemy, on the coasts of the Carolinas, Molly’s witness of faith filled obedience in the face of heartbreak will continue to inspire combatants J. P. Emanuel, who fought in the military, and LaBelle Boudreaux, who fought in a different war. Two warriors, with one dead soldier, his memory, and a promise between them, they faced each other on a battlefield of love, the love they each felt for Chase LaRue Boudreaux.

A story of fatherhood, abuse and betrayal, lies, hatred, and a war of words to understanding, redemption, and falling in love, if only they could surrender their hearts.

Be on the look-out. More love is coming!

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