Romance & The Homestead

Thanks for joining me on the Homestead!

Welcome, and picture this in your mind:

…a rural, sunshine-splashed, extra large neighborhood with small towns surrounded by communities of side-by-side small farms, strung together by tree-limb-shading dirt roads dissecting forests and open fields. Wedged among those farms, there was a special farm I called “home”  where I spent many days lying on a homemade, patchwork quilt, in a shade dappled yard, creating my own small world to read about far away places and people that arrested my imagination about…love.

I look back fondly, and gratefully, I might add, on those days as they were the foundation of me.

roseHi, I’m Della: author, wife, mother, grandmother, and fresh food lover, who is living her dream life. After I married and moved from the farm, my heart never stopped yearning to own my own farm. So, through perseverance, and never giving up on my farm-dream, or becoming a published author, I’ve brought both together. (I had more than one dream, as I’m sure you do. Learn more about me on my About page.)

So here on Romance & The Homestead, the main ingredient I’d like to share with you is…love! All my books and blogs are about love. My life on my homestead, I fondly call The Jake & Jewel Homestead, I named for my parents, is all about love: family, faith, food, and friendship. grapevineSo, I hope you’ll follow me into my life here and the lives of my characters in my books as they find romance and learn to love!

Here, I’d like to begin to share with you my recipes for family, wholesome food, and bringing together, through hard work, faith, and perseverance, into one place, a dream life to love.

DSC00711Feel free to stay, look around, read, shop, leave a message and fill out my popup ‘follow’ button. Go to my Contact page and email me your thoughts, ideas, and any good recipe you would like to share. Like and share on social media.

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