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Christmas SnowFlakes: It’s Not What You Think

Hey Everyone! It’s almost Christmas and the world is stopping it’s usual rush to celebrate with family, friends, and giving and receiving. It’s a wonderful time of the year; celebrating the birth of Christ Jesus. It’s the most celebrated time of the year, all over the world.

I just wanted to celebrate with you all by giving a little bit of my heart this morning. I may not get another chance before Christmas is here. I love Christmas. However, I have had to redefine how I celebrate it over the years.

After I got married, I had a whole other family to consider and celebrate with. Then the children came along. I had to redefine my celebration because of them. Santa Clause came back into play; for them. Christmas had always been fun and exciting, and now I had even more people to celebrate with. Then we began to lose our parents; that changed our lives and how we celebrated Christmas…forever! Sadness entered in, and I’m here to testify that it never leaves. 

It was then I learned to celebrate, even through tears, sadness and even gladness, a deeper meaning, one that I had never searched for before. Whether happy or sad, I never considered what it all ultimately meant before. It was all around me, and yet I

never saw what was in front of my face. JESUS! It wasn’t about me, or my fun, excitement, celebrating, or the whole spirit of Christmas, or the baby Jesus in some manger picture and representation. I didn’t understand that it was, and still is, the beginning of something so magnificent they couldn’t then, and we can’t now, comprehend the wholeness of it. Because that’s what it is all about–WHOLENESS!

Jesus was born into the world to make us WHOLE! TO SAVE US from disease, sorry, grief, and all the things that has broken us; all the people ever born onto earth. Each and every one. That’s when I began to “get it.”

The Lord began to teach me about his love for each and every person, who are unique, worthwhile, and loved by God, our Father, our Creator. I began to learn that I was a unique creature, created by my heavenly Father. And that there would never be another me. He likened me to a snowflake. I didn’t understand that at first, until I researched snowflakes. There are different categories of snowflakes, and in each category, all are unique; a one of a kind.

adult beautiful christmas cold
We are each a unique person given the breath of life by God.

And God made each of us for a purpose: to be unique, and while we are unique, to come together, and blanket the earth with His immeasurable love, just as fallen snow does; for we have all fallen short of the Glory of God.

But we have to fight the enemy, Satan, to learn of our uniqueness and God’s love for each of us. It’s a hard battle sometimes and we can’t defeat the enemy without God, without Jesus as our Savior! Jesus came into the world as a bundle of love, a baby boy, God’s only begotten son. And Satan tried to kill him. But he couldn’t until it was time. At the cross, it was time. He said, “It is finished.” His battle of love, for love, down here was over. Ours had just begun. For 2000 years, Christians, each as unique as a snowflake, has battled on the battlefield of love for other unique snowflake-people who are lost, to save them and fill them with the peace of Christ Jesus.

Peace on earth and goodwill towards mankind.

I didn’t understand the deeper, ultimate goal of that baby boy

nativity set figurine
Jesus is born!

in that manger in a stable. I just loved Christmas. Through loss, pain, and grief, I began to see that bigger picture. That is why I write my #SnowflakesSeries, my novels, about love, fighting for love. Jesus won for the sake of love. But he fought first. We have to fight for love. In each of my novels, stories of faith with a little romance thrown in, the characters have to fight, battle themselves as well as others at times for the sake of love. Their faith leads them to the Lord as he teaches them how to win in the end.

Thanks for listening to my heart today.

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branch celebration christmas christmas balls
Merry Christmas from the Homestead to you and your house! Jesus is the reason for the season!

With love, from Romance & the Homestead


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