I Heard the Lord say...

I Heard the lord say…

It was a morning, like any other morning, drinking my coffee sitting at my kitchen desk. I wasn’t thinking about words of knowledge, prophetic utterances; just sitting, drinking coffee and talking with my inside voice to the Lord. Then…the atmosphere in the room changed. I felt the presence of Jesus; Holy Spirit. He was there. And he said, without preamble, “Get your pen and pencil.” And I said, immediately, “Okay. Just wait a minute.” I jumped up and ran and fetched my notebook that I transcribe His word in and came quickly back. Poised with my pen, ready to listen, I heard the Lord say to me the following:

Saturday, January 30, 2021 9:00 am

I heard the Lord say, “I am the God of the heavens, all of the heavens, and all heavenly realms. I have heard the cry of my people,” says the Lord. “‘Why does it look as if we’re losing?’ they cry. ‘It seems we have lost it all. Where is our God? Where is His help? Where is He? Why is He so silent now?’

“And I say unto them, ‘I am not silent. I am on the move, on the move for my people.’ They cannot see all that I am doing, for it is to powerful; too powerful for them to comprehend. But soon, and very soon, all things will be made known; will begin to manifest.

“What looks like a great victory for the enemy, is not. Their downfall has begun. I will hit them where it hurts most; places they have not expected; places they have not safeguarded, because they have rushed their time in order to thwart me, the living God. They think, believe every side is shored up. But they don’t know, cannot understand that I am God, and I am all around. I am everywhere present and nowhere absent. In me, everything moving, everything stationary, everything alive, everything dead, and everything, from the planets, the universe, and all earthly realms, are in ME!

“Is anything too hard for me?” says the Lord. “NO! I am God! I alone am God, and I am moving for my people in heavenly realms, and in earth. I live on all plains of life, both the spirit and the physical. I, and I alone, created everything! Now they, the workers of evil, the enemy’s pawns, are sitting back and saying, ‘Aha! We have them where we want them, and we are coming after them. All the power is ours now. There is nothing they can do! What can they do? We shall celebrate our victory. Even their God can’t help them now!’

“This is the same victory dance the enemy caused his disciples to dance in Noah’s day, right before the flood came and washed them all away! Poor, deluded disciples of Satan, knowing not the end of their tyrannical reign was near, one drop of rain away. First one drop, then another. After the rain began to fall, then, and only then, did they look up! But it was too late. They had tried to thwart me for the last time. Their prayers, any prayer, and any and all cries, were too late. The rain was falling. Their doom was sealed. It was too late.

“Now, this generation cannot see the first drop of rain has already fallen. While they dance their victory dance, they are blind to the quakes beneath their feet; the quakes that have already started, causing the Tsunami.

“Woe unto you inhabitants of the earth! Woe unto you workers of evil! Woe unto you blind guides! Woe unto you money changers! Woe unto you who have led my people astray! I, the Lord God Almighty, have separated my people from ye workers of iniquity; sheep from the goats! And now, I’m going to wash you all away,” says the Lord.

“Even as I reset the earth with the GREAT FLOOD, THE GREATEST OF FLOODS, the FLOOD OF NOAH’S DAY, I AM now, at this present moment, resetting my earth for my people,” says the Lord! “It, the earth, will be reset MY WAY!” says the Lord.

“My wrath and indignation is coming, is pouring out, according to MY WILL,” says the Lord.

“Woe unto ye workers of iniquity! Woe unto ye evil, corrupt cabal, people whose arrogance knows no bounds! Woe unto ye workers of evil with your sly grins in dark places counting out your filthy lucre!” says the Lord. “Woe unto you! For now,” says the Lord, “you will lose everything, and most of you, including your life!”

“I have now sent forth my angels to accomplish MY WILL,” says the Lord. “And this time in history shall be recorded that the Lord God, the God of heaven’s armies, fought for HIS PEOPLE and WON! FOR WHO CAN DEFEAT THE LIVING GOD?”



All I can say is this prayer, “Who am I, Lord, that you would trust me with your beautiful, great, powerful, and love filled WORD? I am humbled. I am grateful. And I love you. I pray to never fail you, or lose your trust in any area of my life, especially this one…trusting me with your WORD. Because I know your WORD is who you are. Your servant, Della.”

Psalms 45:1 (KJV)
My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer.

This is the unvarnished word I heard from the Lord. If you are not right with the Lord today, I urge you to get right! God is coming to take his glory back; restore the church from the cancel culture that has tried to cancel His true and powerful gospel from the earth and from all coming generations. Be apart of the right side, not the wrong side. I urge you today to get on your knees and accept Jesus as Savior, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Son of the Living God!

Once again, thank you for taking the time to read, I heard the Lord say…


I heard the lord say…