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What I Found Out The Bible Was All About. It Wasn’t What I Thought!

Inspiration for Love

Did you know what the Bible would be all about when you first started reading it? I sure did not when I first started reading it years ago. But I did fall in love with it, and really did not know why until much later in life. But let me tell you in hindsight what I discovered about the Bible and myself. We had a lot in common, and you will find out you have a lot in common with the Bible too after you read this blog!

First, I fell in love with the Bible because I REALLY liked all the great stories: love stories, war and hate stories, stories of great courage, family dramas and on and on I could go! And they were raw and real, let me tell you! There were good people, evil people and Godly people, and I loved their stories! Plus, I was an avid reader; I read everything my eyes came in contact with, even the ingredients on food labels. Y’all, I even read the ingredients in shampoo and conditioner for your hair. (Note: I still do today. Can’t help myself.)

But, the Bible was unlike any other book I had ever read. It was as if I could never finish it and come to that happy ending I so loved in novels. I could not find the end of it, the Bible. Until one day–and this is by God revelation, I know–I did find one satisfactory ending; one where it felt as if I finally had something in common with, not only the Bible, but God Himself. Which sounds strange to me even now, and I know you probably think it sounds strange too, even weird…until you finish reading this blog!

The Bible…it’s complicated, I know. But I’m going to give you a sort of…hop, skip and jump quickly through the Bible to the common core of what I found out.

First we go to Genesis 1:26: Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

This is a pretty personal and intimate thought of God towards us! To look like Him and have dominion over things like Him, in other words, to think and have an eternal soul, like Him. Wow! But, why? Why would He do that? He didn’t have to. God is good all by Himself.

To make this blog shorter, and make sure I don’t go down any rabbit holes, which I’m known for, we are going to a man called Abram. You know, God changed his name to Abraham, which means, the father of many nations. Why did God want Abraham to father nations, and be known for it? Especially with only one wife and one promised son born in their old age?

Genesis 17:3-5: And Abram bowed down with his face to the ground, and God said unto him, “As for me, this is my covenant with you: You will be the father of a multitude of nations. No longer will your name be Abram. Instead, your name will be Abraham because I WILL make you the father of a multitude of nations.”

Well, today we see that God did cause Abraham to father many nations: The Jewish nation, the Arab nation (from Ishmael, Abraham’s son of Hagar, Sarah’s Egyptian handmaid) and also, the Christian nation that includes people of every color and culture around the world. (From my last research Christianity was the only religion, if you will, where Christians were found to live in every nation, island, tributary, and place where people live on this earth. Unless there is some place I haven’t researched yet. (If you know a place where the gospel hasn’t reached yet, please let me know.)

From here, I’d like to take you to the word ‘nation,’ and what it means. Well, nations were built first on tribes. What were tribes built on? Were they built on lands, hills, valleys, tributaries, continents, or on planet earth in general? They were, but…was that what God was talking about blessing Abraham with? I’m pretty sure God liked His creations…and this planet because He said at the end of the sixth day…“God saw all that He had made, and it was good…” Genesis 1:31.

Back to the tribe thing… Here the words tribe and nation break down to the word…yes, you guessed it by now…FAMILY!

Family is what the core of the Bible is all about!

It is what you and I and God have in common. What do we and billions of other people in the world today love the most in this life? Our FAMILY! Well, so does God. He loves family the most. God created it all for the sake of family…a family He could one day call His own. And that is why God sent Jesus into the world of man, to begin to gather His, God’s family together. So I leave you with this: John 14:6, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father but through me.” This is what Jesus, the only begotten son of God, said.

Jesus started gathering God’s family to God over two thousand years ago. He’s still gathering today. If you haven’t already, please come be a part of God’s family by accepting Jesus as your savior. It is so easy. Just say you’re sorry for breaking God’s commandments and ask Jesus to come onto your heart. And he will.

If you just did, welcome my brother or sister to the family of God! He’s has been waiting on you a long, long time. And He loves you so much that He sent Jesus to die for you. And yes, salvation, being saved, becoming born again, it is a personal and intimate thing, just as it was when God created Adam and breathed the breath of life into his nostrils and made him, Adam, the first man, the first person of this, God’s family, a living soul. Just like God, who is a living, eternal spirit.

Hope you got truth from this Inspiration for Love blog, because God’s truth is what matters most.

I love you, and I leave you with peace, love, hope and faith.

From Romance & the Homestead,


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