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From Pollen to Perfection

The Perfect Food That Never Runs Out

Consider the lilies… They don’t toil, but God grows them and clothes them in beauty.

In considering that God’s creation is behind every cycle of life, I often think on these scriptures, written in RED, meaning Jesus spoke them.

Consider the lilies how they grow: they toil not, they spin not; and yet I say unto you, that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. Luke 12:27 (KJV)

In considering the lilies, we have to go deeper than their perfection. What else does the lily have? Smell? Yes. The pleasure of their beauty? Yes. Do they have something greater…pollen?

red lil
Homestead lily

Jesus said for us to consider the lily. It neither toils nor spins, and yet God provides the lily a season: the right conditions to grow, good soil, water, and sunshine. Happily it shoots its green blades up and out. Next, the stem bolts up, and the bud forms on top. Lastly, in the cup of their blooming splendor, perfection, lies the crumbly purity of yellowish pollen. The wind swirls down into that cup of beauty, pollen moves up and out into the air. The bees dive into its cup for perfect pollen, collect it, and take it to their hives, their homes, and turn it into perfect food, honey, a perfect food that does not go bad.

Wow! Let us consider the lilies more deeply now, and parallel it with the fact that without pollen food can’t grow. So, pollen is auspiciously linked to our food and the bees’ food; plus, food for the rest of life here on earth.

Consider the lilies… Jesus is telling us to think about the lilies, how they grow and are much more than beautiful characters in their environment. Think on how they interact with that environment. Lilies are not just perfectly beautiful and unworried, but they serve a much greater purpose. They freely, with an open cup, serve up pollen for their environment. Pollen is life from within. A necessary ingredient for perfection.

In considering the lilies….from pollen to perfection, which is honey, I am reminded of another perfect food: manna, the pure food of the Bible, and what it too stands for…life. What is that one perfect ingredient for life?

pink lil
Homestead lily

In considering the lilies, we must reflect on ourselves, and wonder if we are allowing God to cloth us in the beauty of His word so we can be much more than colorful characters in our field, our environment. In considering the lilies, I see how the lilies recognize their season of bloom and sharing that inner life to perfection. It causes me to consider if we, as believers, recognize our season of growing? Do we allow God to grow us with his perfect food, manna, which is the word of God, aka, Jesus? Are we allowing Him to nourish us, bring us out, and bloom us so we can have that perfect pollen? Are we allowing that pollen, honey, manna, our inside stuff, to be open and available for people as they buzz in and out of our lives? Do we allow them to come, collect, and take back to their homes manna, the word of God, to feed the foundation of their growing lives, families…even neighborhoods?

Two perfect foods: from pollen to perfection…honey; from God to us…perfection; Jesus, the living word of God, manna. Both are requisites for life.

God’s words are alive, like each crumb of pollen, ready to feed His peoples’ hearts and minds. Are we ready to be a lily, in our season, in our fields, sharing God’s words to hungry hearts and minds…the lost?

close up of heart shape
Photo by on

Solomon, in all his glory, could neither make the perfect food of honey or the perfect food of manna. But you and I can share our inside stuff, our perfect manna, God’s living word, perfect food, with anyone that will allow us. How great is that!? The next time you see a lily, consider whether you are sharing the perfect food of manna. You…are greater than the lily or Solomon, both clothed in the glory of beauty. You…are clothed in the Glory of God, and fed the food of heaven to share and help feed others. It is a miracle, just as Jesus broke and shared the few loaves of bread and fish, to feed a multitude, so can you share your perfect food with hundreds, even thousands of people…and it will never run out, just as the loaves and fish never ran out, but had baskets full left over.

So, from my heart to yours, will you consider the lilies…how they grow?

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Homestead lilies

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